The mission of ASPA is to promote cost effective, high quality, accesible health care to all Alabamians as part of a physician directed team; to provide for professional development of individual PAs; and to work with physicians, patients, government officials and others to promote and represent the PA profession in Alabama.



Catherine Beckham, President

Sarah Beth Tinley, President Elect

Paul Harrelson, Vice President

AC Davis, Secretary

Sheryll Coleman, Treasurer

Brad Cantley, Immediate Past President


Board Members at Large:

Krystal McCain, Mark Minton, Sharon Pelekanos, Heather Neighbors, Krystle Phillips


Physician Assistants (PAs) are nationally certified and state licensed medical professionals who can examine, test, treat and prescribe medicine for patients. The exact work they can do depends on their level of experience, the setting in which they work, their specialty and state laws. For instance, PAs can diagnose and treat illnesses, assist in surgery and order and interpret tests among other duties.


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For nearly 50 years, PAs have been part of the healthcare team. In today's changing healthcare climate, the PA-phyician team can enhance the quality of care patients receive.


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