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2024-25 ASPA Board of Directors Nominations Information

Nominations for the upcoming elections cycle were opened at the ASPA CME Conference earlier this month but members also have the option to place nominations via email. The be Board positions are available for nominations. No experience is necessary but please confirm the individual you nominate is willing to accept the position. Membership in both ASPA and AAPA as well as the desire to become involved are the only requirements. We will take nominations for each of the above positions from March 18, 2024 through March 31, 2024. To nominate yourself or someone else, please e-mail me at

President-Elect – The President-Elect succeeds to the Presidency at the expiration of the President’s term, or earlier should that office become vacant for any reason. The President-Elect shall preside at meetings of the Society in the absence of the President and Vice President. This is a three year
commitment, starting as President-Elect, then President, then Past President. The President-Elect serves as chair of the judicial committee. He/She will also serve on the PA-Board of Medical Examiners Liaison Committee as well as the CME committee.

Vice President – The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President and preside at meetings in his/her absence. He/She will serve as chair of the Elections committee and Scholarship committee. He/She will also serve on the Reimbursement committee. 


Secretary – The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the organization, be responsible for all organization communications, and notify members of all meetings. He/She will chair the IT committee. 


Treasurer – The Treasurer shall maintain accurate records of the financial status of the organization. He/she shall, at the annual meeting, give a full report to the membership. He/She will serve on the CME committee and Membership committee.

Board Member at Large – Five Board Members at Large will serve on the Board of Directors as voting members. They will serve on various committees as appointed by the President or Committee Chair. One Board Member at Large will serve on the PA-Board of Medical Examiners Liaison Committee.

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